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Residential Service

Ready to get started?  Choose a subscription and sign up today! 
Residential pick up is every other week on a route determined by your location.

After signup it may take 2-5 business days for your address to be added into our system. Once added, you will receive an email with your pick up schedule and a "cheat sheet" of items accepted for recycling. 

Your recycling bags will be delivered on your first date, but feel free to go ahead and put any recycling you have collected in any trash bags for your first pick up.

Monthly Auto-Draft

$18 per month + one time $10 start up fee

3 month subscription

$54 for 3 months +
one time $10 start up fee

12 month subscription

$192 for 12 months
(Only $16 per month!)

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Start a recycling revolution in your neighborhood!  

If we aren't in your area yet and you would like us to be - please share your contact info and join the waitlist! 

Join the waitlist and as soon as we have enough interest in a community, we'll reach out to get you started!

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