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Have questions?

We've got answers.

These are some of the most common questions we get, but if you have a different one - no worries, just ask.  We're a small, local operation, so flexibility and customer service are important to us.

When is pick up day?

We will pick up every other week on a day determined by your location.  We are currently running 8 residential routes that are planned as efficiently as possible to minimize our environmental impact.

If you are outside of Bristol VA, Bristol TN, or the Town of Abingdon - please call or message first to make sure we service your address.

Do you supply a recycling bin?

We supply you with clear plastic recycling bags.  You are asked to have all materials bagged, and cardboard should be flattened and placed under or between your bags.

What recyclable materials do you accept?

Aluminum and other metals, Plastic containers (#1 and #2 ONLY - NO STYROFOAM or thin/film plastics), mixed paper, cardboard, batteries, and cell phones.  We will also pick up clothing, household items, small electronics for donation to area non-profits.  Click HERE for a printable "cheat sheet"

Where do the recyclables go?

Your paper/cardboard is taken to Carter County, TN.  Plastic will be taken to Eastman.  Metals are taken to Renew Recycling in Kingsport.

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